The Churlians





The youngest author’s rock band in Serbia is founded in 2014, and represented by:

Nikola Johnny Ranković - Band front-man, vocal, solo guitar, songwriter, music arrangements, the winner of “EXIT Youth Hero” reward in 2016, The hero of Belgrade” in 2013, “The Venturer” of newspaper “Novosti”. He is the “Person of the year” for 2013 and 2016, the winner of two ''Band Encounter'' competitions, and first representative of our country in manifestation “Joy of Europe ‘’ with authors’ song “I don’t want to live in a country without Rock n’ roll”. He plays guitar intensively from 6 years old, and from the age of 7, he attends the school for music production and theory of music, from syllabus of British Academy. On the UK Songwriting Contest in 2015 in London, he achieved noticeable success competing with 70.000 songs, where he entered in semifinals as a composer and songwriter of the song “Hot or Cold “, only to confirm in 2017 the semifinalist success, with the song and music video “Fear”, entering in the top 20. He performed individually, also with our celebrated musicians, from small auditoriums to stadiums, town squares and TV studios. He recorded his first CD album „I make my own way “, where he acted as an author of lyrics, music arrangement, played all guitars and was a lead vocal. CD album was produced by Vojislav Aralica. He also published a single „Harley, Les Paul & Rock’ n’ Roll”, with guest musician Mr. Zika Jelic from “YU Grupa” band, using lap steel style. Aside from excellent parallel handling of electric and acoustic guitar, Johnny plays both piano and mandolin. Further plans are high school of IT multimedia and studies at BIMM in London or Berlin (British and Irish Modern Music Institute).

Grigorije Avramović-Grišaguitar. For many years he attends guitar schools and solfeggio (attending two music high schools), and was first to support Johnny’s idea to create a band “The Churlians”. Grigorije has many obligatory performances with the school band of music school “Master Blaster” which he attends, and of course all performances with “The Churlians”.

Pavle Petrović bass. Attends the school of rock and pop music for many years, and aside from bass, he plays guitar and djembe and takes solfeggio lessons. Pavle also has a history of many live performances aside from the band, while being from the beginning the impeccable and strong line of “The Churlians” rhythm. 

Miloš Bajić Bajkedrum. He played with many small bands from alternative rock and metal scene. Fascinating about Milos is that he attended music school, section piano, and he was the state champion in cycling in 2015. He also finished school for physiotherapists, but for him, the best therapy is drum, where he is exceptional, and that can be seen and heard. Milos became the member of band in October 2018, and brought with him fresh new energy.


Bend has over 25 performances on big stages where we emphasize: “Gitarijada”, Zaječar 2018; Scene “Fest” 2018, Plateau of Museum of 25th of May 2018; Bass Player Festival; EXIT Festival 2017.; Republic Square in Belgrade 2017; Bozidarac 2017 and 2018; Rock Village 2015 and 2016; Stadium Tasmajdan 2016; Festival BARF 2014; “Suvaca Demo Fest 2017” Kikinda;  Harley Demo weekend 2017; Stage of Rock radio in “Mercator”, Belgrade; Davis Cup, Kraljevo; Belgrade Youth Center 2014 and 2018; Square of Serbian warriors Kraljevo; Wurst Platz Bar 2016 and 2017; Sava Centar 2013 and 2016, DKCB Belgrade, stage in Metropolis Music company, Guitar Art Festival, etc.


In first setting with Djuradj Djuricic on drums, band held humanitarian concert helping people endangered by floods in big Square in Kraljevo, and that was their first appearance. They had successful promotion, under the name ''Exchange the energies''(2014), where they invited firstly young people of Serbia, and afterwards musicians, producers, managers, critics, journalists, editors and all the ones who love rock ‘n’ roll sound, to exchange the energy together, and help bigger transfer its experience and knowledge to smaller ones, and smaller its new creativity and talent to bigger ones! Promotion supported: YU Grupa, Djule Van Gogh, Dragoljub Djuričić, Krle Generacija 5, Firči EKV, Vasil Hadžimanov, Randja Neverne bebe, Vicko Riblja Čorba, publicist and rock critic Petar Janjatović, bassist Dragan Ivanović and many others.

Band afterwards changed two more drummers, where almost two years Marko Beljic played drum, and just before their first solo concert in Bozidarac, Milan Antunovic joined the band and stayed a year until his departure to Austria for many years.  

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